9:35 PM on January 9, 2012 by [email protected]

can ye be found on the bc


2:33 PM on December 2, 2011 by [email protected]

Radio Powerliner's address is [email protected] if you want to contact him and find out if he was on the air at this time on this frequency

Costa Constantinides
7:35 AM on December 1, 2011 by [email protected]

Sorry I forgot to place the frequency is 15.607 mhz Dated 30 Th November 2011. Times 19.05 utc anf 23.05 utc.



/// My location the island of Cyprus.

See message below. thanks. Good dxing to all.

Costa Constantinides
7:30 AM on December 1, 2011 by [email protected]

I heard Radio signal on frequency 19.05 and 23.05 Utc Unid / Tent sio 333, can any one tell me was it Radio powerliner on the air at those times. I am located in Limassol, Cyprus. My rig is the NRD 515

and Wellbrook AL:A 1530 P loop antenna. Best wishes from me. 73s. Costa

11:00 AM on October 7, 2011 by [email protected]

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Jack Watch
7:48 PM on April 25, 2011 by [email protected]

Great site! A gold mine of information, have it bookmarked. Best wishes to you from my radio shack high up in the Laurel Highlands of the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania USA.

CoolAM Radio
11:38 PM on November 9, 2010 by [email protected]

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Radio Caroline International
1:25 PM on November 8, 2010 by [email protected]

Hello Paul,

thanks for creating such a wonderful and interesting website for pirate radio,

thats really very great!!!!

Best wishes,

Radio Caroline International.


8:22 AM on June 6, 2010 by [email protected]

radio amica 7610kH at 7.30 utc miusic simpo 44555


10:11 AM on February 4, 2010

Ihor says...

Could someone help me with identification of station? I heard 24 January 2010 at 16.05 UTC on 7610 kHz unid station. The language of broadcasting was Italian. Thanks!

The station you heard would have been RADIO AMICA, an Italian pirate. They are on most weekends