UKDXer's Shortwave Pirate Addresses

(updated 8 Jan 2023)


Radio Abu Dhabi (also known as Johnny Tobacco/Black Bandit): [email protected]

Radio ACDC: [email protected]

Radio Action: [email protected]

Radio Activity: [email protected]

AFN [email protected]

Radio Afterburner 48: [email protected]

Radio Akenzo: [email protected]

Radio Alex W: [email protected]

Alchemy Radio: [email protected]

Radio Alice [email protected]

Radio Alleanza [email protected]

Radio Alpenroos [email protected]

Radio Atlantis FM: [email protected]

Radio Altrex: [email protected]

Radio Anonymos [email protected]

Radio Anthony: [email protected], [email protected]

Antonio Radio [email protected] , Fuik 12, 8081KD Elburg, Netherlands

Radio Andromeda: c/o [email protected]

Radio Aquarius [email protected]

Radio Arabier: [email protected]

Radio Arcadia: [email protected]

Area 51: [email protected]

Radio Armada: [email protected]

Radio Armadillo: [email protected]

Artem's Word Music: [email protected]

Radio Ascona: [email protected]

Radio Astra: [email protected]

Radio Astoria [email protected]

Radio Astronaut [email protected]

Atlantic Radio: CLOSED ([email protected]

Ballyvary, Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland)

Radio Atlantic 2000: [email protected] ,

Radio Atlantis Int [email protected] (address not working)

Radio Aurora: [email protected]

Radio Back in Time: [email protected]

Bad Boys Radio: [email protected]

Bad Girls Radio: [email protected]

BAD Radio Station: [email protected] web;

Radio Baken 16: [email protected] [email protected]

Baltic Sea Radio: [email protected]

Radio Banana Republic: [email protected]

Radio Free Bandidos: [email protected]

Radio Barracuda [email protected]

Radio Barraquda: [email protected]

Radio Batavia: [email protected]

Radio Batavier [email protected]

Radio Bavaria Int: PO Box 73, 7160AB Neede, Netherlands

Radio Bella Italia: [email protected]

Radio Benelux: SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Bermudadreieck [email protected],, SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Best of British Radio: [email protected]

Big Podcast Radio: [email protected]

Radio Bikker: [email protected]

Radio Bila Dira: [email protected]

Radio Bila Hora: [email protected]

Bizon Radio: [email protected] or [email protected]

Radio Black Arrow [email protected]

Radio Black Bandit: [email protected]

Radio Blackbird: [email protected]

Radio Black Eagle: [email protected]

Radio Blacklake: [email protected]

Radio Black Power: [email protected]

Radio Blackstone: [email protected]

Radio Blauwe Panda: [email protected]

Radio Blauwe Panter: [email protected]

Radio Blue: [email protected]

Radio Blue Boy: c/o [email protected] SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Blue Dragon AM: [email protected]

Radio Blue House SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Blueman Radio: [email protected]

Blue Moon Radio [email protected]

Radio Blue Star PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, The Netherlands

Bogusman/The Ghoul [email protected]

Radio Bohemia Int: [email protected]

Radio Bonofox [email protected]

Radio Boomerang: [email protected]

Radio Bops: [email protected]

Radio Borderhunter [email protected] PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, Netherlands

Radio BPM: [email protected]

BPM Shortwave Radio: [email protected]

Radio Brandaris Int [email protected] , [email protected]

Britain Radio Int [email protected],

Radio Bubblegum [email protected]

Free Radio Bumbelstock: [email protected]

Radio BZN: [email protected]

Radio Mr Cash: [email protected]

Calypso Radio: [email protected]

Carmen Radio: [email protected]

Radio Carneval: [email protected]

Radio Caroline Eifel: [email protected] ; SRS Germany, Radio Caroline Eifel, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Caroline International: [email protected] (CLOSED)

Radio Caroline Munster UKW: c/o [email protected]

Radio Carrierwave [email protected]

Radio Casanova [email protected]

Central Radio Int (UK): [email protected]

Centraal Radio (NL): [email protected]

Radio Central Bohemia: [email protected]

Radio Centurion: [email protected]

Channel 92: [email protected]

Charity Radio [email protected]

Charleston Radio Int: [email protected]

Radio City (CZ): c/o [email protected] (NOT the Radio City relayed by IRRS)

Radio Clash: [email protected]

Clinic Radio: [email protected]

Coast FM (Tenerife) [email protected] web:

Radio Coax: [email protected]

Radio Cochiguaz c/o [email protected]

Cold Beer Radio: [email protected]

Radio Columbia: [email protected] [email protected]

Radio Condor [email protected]

Continental Radio [email protected]

Radio Contact: [email protected]

Cool AM: [email protected]

Cosmic Radio: no address known

Radio Countdown: [email protected]

Crazy Wave Radio: [email protected]

Radio Crombi [email protected]

Cruisin Radio: [email protected] web

Radio Cuckoo: [email protected]

Cupid Radio [email protected], PO Box 9, 8096ZG Oldebroek, Netherlands

Radio Dakota: [email protected]

Radio Dancemodulation: [email protected]

Dance Wave Shortwave [email protected]

Radio Das Boot: [email protected]

David Bowie Radio: [email protected]

Dazzle FM: [email protected]

Radio DB: [email protected]

Radio De Rode Adelaar: [email protected]

Delta Radio (Gelderland): [email protected]

Radio Delta (West Brabant): PO Box 130, 4730AC Oudenbusch, Netherlands

Delta Radio Int (heard May 2018): [email protected]

Radio Deltracks [email protected]

Radio De Merel: [email protected]

Radio Deprimo [email protected]

Radio Desperado: [email protected]

Radio Deutschlandwelle: [email protected]

Deutscher Schallplatten Sender: [email protected]

Radio Devalon: SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Dinkelwelle [email protected]

Radio Dirty Alex: c/o [email protected]

Radio Disco Hell: [email protected]

Radio Discovery [email protected]

Radio Doctor Buis: [email protected]

Radio Doctor Einstein: [email protected]

Radio Doctor Tim: [email protected]

Radio Dokkum DX: [email protected]

Radio Dolfijn: [email protected]

Domstad Radio: [email protected]

Dream Radio: [email protected]

Radio Dresdner Bunte Welle [email protected]

Radio Dr Juice: [email protected]

Radio Duck: [email protected]

Radio Dubbel X: [email protected]

Radio Dummyload: [email protected]

Radio Dutchwing: [email protected]

815 Radio: [email protected]

Radio East Coast Holland [email protected]

Eek A Mouse Radio [email protected]

Eighties Radio [email protected]

Radio El Toro: [email protected]

Eldorado Radio (PT): [email protected]

Elvis AM: [email protected]

EM Radio [email protected]

Empire Radio [email protected]

Energy FM (Tenerife)

Radio Enterhaken: [email protected]

Enterprise Radio (It): [email protected]

Radio Etherfreak: [email protected]

Radio Euro Shortwave: [email protected]

Radio Europe (It): [email protected]

Radio Evropa/Europe (Ukraine): [email protected]

Europe Music Radio (NL): [email protected]

Radio Experience: [email protected]

Radio 5: [email protected]

Radio 59: [email protected]

Radio 555: c/o [email protected]

Radio 5800: [email protected]

Radio 42: [email protected]

Radio Face de Blatte [email protected]

Farmers From Holland: [email protected] [email protected] PO Box 108, 7720AC Dalfsen, Netherlands

Radio Felix: [email protected]

Radio Festivum: [email protected]

Finn Hits Radio [email protected]

Radio Five Angles/Music Wave Radio: [email protected]

Flashback Music Radio: [email protected]

Floerian Radio: [email protected]

Flux AM [email protected] (address not working)

Flying Dutchman Radio: [email protected]

Radio Focus International: [email protected]

Radio Fox 48 [email protected] , SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Foxfire [email protected]

Radio Free Limburg: [email protected]

Radio Free Waves Bay: [email protected] web:

Radio Freebird: [email protected]

Radio Freedom (NL) [email protected] (address not working) or [email protected]

Radio Freedom (IT)[email protected]

Radio Freeline Int: [email protected]

Free Radio Bumbelstock: [email protected]

Free Radio Victoria [email protected]

Radio Frieloo: [email protected] SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

FRS Holland [email protected] , PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, Netherlands

Radio Full Pull: [email protected]

Radio Gaar: [email protected]

Gardener Radio: [email protected]

Geostar Radio: [email protected]

Radio Geronimo Shortwave [email protected]

Radio Ghost [email protected]

The Ghoul: See Bogusman

Radio GM41 Scotland: [email protected]

Radio Golfbreker: [email protected] [email protected]

Radio Golf Victor: [email protected]

Radio Goofy: [email protected]

Radio Goudenster: [email protected]

Radio Green Frog c/o [email protected]

Radio Greensnake: [email protected]

Grensstad Radio: NO CONTACT KNOWN

Radio Grolschman: [email protected]

Radio Groenteboertjes [email protected]

Radio Grote Versierder: see Golf Victor

Radio GSV: [email protected]

GTMR/Good Time Music Radio: [email protected]

Halloween Radio: [email protected] SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Harmony Radio: [email protected]

Happy European Union Radio [email protected]

Hardcore Radio: [email protected]

Radio Hawaii Tattoo: [email protected]

Hefner Radio: [email protected]

Radio Heidi: [email protected]

Radio Heijnte [email protected]

Radio Henk AM: [email protected]

Radio HetWe: [email protected]

Hit Mix Radio: [email protected] (see also Radio Tina/Supersound Radio)

Hobart Radio Int: [email protected]

Holland AM: [email protected]

Horizon FM Tenerife: [email protected]

Radio Iceman: [email protected]

Radio Igloo: [email protected]

Radio Illegal [email protected]

Image Radio: [email protected]
Indy Radio (Sp): [email protected]

Intersound Radio: [email protected]

Irish Music Radio [email protected]

Island Radio: [email protected]

Italian Broadcasting Corporation (IBC): [email protected]

Radio Jamaica: [email protected]

Radio Jampi Westerbeek: [email protected]

Radio Jan Kachel: c/o [email protected]

Radio Jan Van Gent: [email protected]

Radio Jennifer: [email protected]

Jingle Radio: [email protected]

Radio Jingle Bells: [email protected]

Radio Jodelpiraat: [email protected]

Radio Joey: [email protected]

Radio Johnny Tobacco: [email protected] or c/o [email protected]

Radio Johnny Walker: [email protected]

Jupiter Radio: [email protected]

Radio Kaaiman: [email protected]

Radio Kakadu: SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Kanibaal: [email protected]

Radio Karbiet: [email protected]

Radio de Kat: [email protected]

Radio Kennemer: [email protected]

Radio Kessel: [email protected]

Key Channel Radio [email protected]

Radio Kilohertz: No contact address

Radio King Creole: [email protected]

Radio King SW [email protected]

Radio Kinky: [email protected]

Radio Klabautermann: [email protected]

Radio Kleine Zender: [email protected]

Radio Klompenboertje [email protected]

Radio Kolibrie [email protected]

Radio Komintern: [email protected]

Radio KR1: [email protected]

Radio Kracker: [email protected]

KTL Radio [email protected]

KWRN Radio Nordland [email protected] , SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Laguna [email protected] SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Laser Hot Hits [email protected] ,

Radio Las Vegas [email protected]

Radio Latino: [email protected]

Radio Lesbos [email protected]

Level 48: [email protected] SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Lexi: [email protected]

Lightning Radio (see QBC): [email protected]

Radio Likedeeler [email protected]

Little Feat Radio: [email protected]

Radio Little Star: [email protected]

Lockdown Radio: ℅ [email protected]

Long Live Radio: [email protected]

Lord Radio: [email protected]

Radio Lotus: [email protected]

Love Parade Radio [email protected]

Low Power Radio: [email protected]

Radio Lowland [email protected] (see also SWCH)

Radio Luxemburg: [email protected]

Magic AM (NL) [email protected] , [email protected] Twitter: @magicfreeradio

Radio Malaisy SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Malibu Radio: [email protected]

Radio Marabu [email protected], PO Box 1166, 49187 Belm, Germany

Radio March Music [email protected]

Marconi Radio Int (IT) [email protected]

Marconi Radio (NL) [email protected]

Radio Marine Broadcaster: [email protected]

Radio Matrix [email protected]

Radio Maverick [email protected]

Radio Mazda [email protected] , Pastinaak 4, 7447NJ Nijverdaal, Netherlands

Radio Melkbus: [email protected]

Radio Mercury c/o [email protected]

Radio Merlin [email protected] , 60 Long Johns, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, England HP3 9LP

Merseyland Alternative Radio [email protected]

Radio Metropolis: [email protected]

Radio Mexico [email protected]

Radio Mia: [email protected] web:

Radio Mi Amigo (UK): [email protected] (not the Radio Mi Amigo International relayed on 6085/7310/3985 .... [email protected]/

Radio Mi Amigo (NL): [email protected]

Mickey Mouse Radio: [email protected]

Midlife Radio: [email protected] [email protected]

Mike Radio: [email protected]

Radio Milliwatti: [email protected]

Radio Minipower: [email protected]

Radio Mirabelle [email protected]

Radio Mistletoe: [email protected]

Radio Mistero Ghost Planet: [email protected] SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Misti Radio: [email protected]

Mix Radio International: [email protected]

Radio Monique: [email protected]

Radio Montana: [email protected]

Radio Monte Carlo: PRIVATE

Radio Montferland: [email protected]

Radio Moonbreaker: [email protected]

Radio Moonlight: [email protected]

Moose AM [email protected]

Radio Morning Star: [email protected]

Radio Mousjager c/o [email protected]

MRF Radio: [email protected]

Radio Music Maker: [email protected]

Music Wave Radio: [email protected]

Radio Music Xplosion: [email protected]

Radio Mustang: [email protected]

Mystery Radio 21: [email protected]

Radio Nachtpiraat: [email protected]

Radio Nachtrijder: See Nightrider

Nemo Radio: [email protected]

Netbeat Radio: c/o [email protected]

Radio New Wave: see NW

Radio Night Italy: [email protected]

Radio Nightrider: [email protected]

Radio Night Pirate: [email protected]

NMD Radio: [email protected]

Radio Non Stop 90s: [email protected]

Radio Nora: [email protected]

Radio Nordsee Int WS (1): PO Box 2209, D-77602 Offenburg, Germany

Radio Northcoast: [email protected]

Radio Northern Ireland: [email protected]

Radio Northpole [email protected]

Radio Northsea Int (broadcast via Spaceshuttle) (2): [email protected]

Radio Norton: [email protected]

NOT Radio [email protected]

Radio Nova (UK): [email protected]

Radio Nova Int (NL): [email protected]

Radio NW (formerly New Wave): [email protected]

Radio 101 (ireland, 27.035MHz FM): [email protected]

Radio 102: [email protected]

Radio Odynn: [email protected]

Old Time Radio: [email protected] [email protected] , SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Old Timer Radio: [email protected] (address not working)

Radio Olympia (NL): [email protected]

Radio Olympia: [email protected]

Radio Omejan: [email protected]

Radio Onda Caliente: [email protected]

Radio Orang Utan: [email protected], SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Orgasm [email protected]

Orion Radio [email protected], PO Box 9, 8096ZG Oldebroek, Netherlands,

Radio Orion 2000: [email protected]

Osaka Radio: [email protected] (INACTIVE)

Radio Oscar Zulu (ROZ) [email protected] or [email protected]

Radio Ost Deutschland [email protected]

Overijssel Radio: [email protected] (address not working)

Over 60 Degree Radio: [email protected] [email protected]

Radio OZNRH: [email protected]

Radio Paardenkracht [email protected]

Radio Pacman: [email protected]

Radio Paco: [email protected]

Radio Pamela Int: [email protected]

Panda Radio: [email protected]

Radio Pandora: [email protected]

Radio Pantomien: [email protected]

Radio Parade [email protected]

Paradise FM [email protected]

Radio Perfekt [email protected] PO Box 1732, D-48578 Gronau, Germany

Radio Piepzender: [email protected]

Radio Piet Piraat: [email protected]

Pierclan Party Radio [email protected]

Radio Pigeon: [email protected]

Radio Pink Panther: [email protected]

Radio Pionier (1): [email protected] (INACTIVE)

Radio Pioneer (2): [email protected]

Radio Pirana [email protected]

Radio Piraten Kanon c/o [email protected]

Piraten Team Overijssel: [email protected]

Pirates For Peace: [email protected]

Radio Pirelli: [email protected]

Radio Pluto: [email protected]

Polaris Radio: [email protected]

Polka Radio: [email protected]

Radio Polkawelle [email protected]

Radio Powerliner Int: [email protected]

Radio Powerplay: [email protected]

Premier Radio Int [email protected] [email protected]

Radio Mr President [email protected]

Pulsar Radio: [email protected]

Radio Python: no contact address

QBC Radio: [email protected]

Radio Quadzilla: [email protected]

Radio Quasar: [email protected]

Radio Quintus [email protected]

Station QRP: [email protected]

Radio Radio: [email protected]

Radio Ragazzi [email protected]

Radio Rainbow [email protected],

Radio Ramona [email protected]

Radio Rapido radiorapido (at) uk

Rammstein Radio [email protected]

Radio Readymix: [email protected]

Rebel Radio (NL): [email protected]

Reggae Radio [email protected]

Radio Relmus: [email protected]

Radio Republica da Banana: [email protected]

Radio Revox: [email protected] web:

Radio Rob: [email protected]

Rock n Roll Radio [email protected]

Radio Rockefeller: [email protected]

Radio Rock Italy: [email protected]

Rock Radio Network: [email protected]

Radio De Rode Adelaar: See D

Radio Romeo Echo [email protected]

Radio Ronalisa: [email protected]

Ronex Radio: [email protected]

Radio Roni [email protected]

Radio Ronin: [email protected]

Radio Ronnie AM: [email protected]

Ros AM Radio: [email protected]

Radio Roter Baron: [email protected]

Radio 60: [email protected]

Radio Sallandse Boer [email protected]

Radio Salo: [email protected]

Radio Samarai: [email protected]

Radio Saturnus [email protected] web:

Radio Scotland Int [email protected] ,

Radio Seat: [email protected]

Sensation AM: [email protected]

Radio Senturious: [email protected]

Radio Sextant: [email protected]

Radio Shadow: [email protected]

Radio Shadowman [email protected]

Shepperd Radio: [email protected]

Shoreline Radio: [email protected]m

Shortwave Combination Holland: [email protected]

Shortwave Gold: [email protected]

Shortwave Pirate: [email protected]

Shortwave Zero Zero: [email protected] (address not working)

Radio Silverback [email protected]

Skylab Radio: [email protected]

Skyline Radio (NL) [email protected]

Skyline Radio Germany: PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, Netherlands (QSLs only issued by snail mail, not email, with return postage, no SDRs), [email protected]

Skywave Radio: [email protected]

Radio Skywire [email protected] ,

Sluwe Vos Radio: [email protected]

Radio Snowball (RU): [email protected]

Radio Sofa King: [email protected]

Radio Sonic: [email protected]

Sonnet Radio: [email protected]

Radio Soundwave: [email protected]

Radio Southsea Melody: [email protected]

Radio Sovereign: [email protected]

Radio Spaceshuttle [email protected] PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, Netherlands,

Speedwing Radio: [email protected]

Spider Radio: [email protected]

Radio Stancia Russian Hooligans: [email protected]

Star Radio (2022 station): [email protected]

Radio Star International:, PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, Netherlands

Radio Star Clipper: [email protected]

Stargate Radio [email protected]

States of Unrest Radio: [email protected]

Radio Sterrekijker [email protected]

Radio Stove Farmer (Kachel Boer): [email protected] PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, The Netherlands

Straightline Radio: [email protected]

Studio 23: [email protected]

Studio 52: [email protected] [email protected]

Studio 64: [email protected]

Studio Renaldo [email protected] (not working) or [email protected]

Summer Meeting Radio: [email protected]

Sundown Radio: [email protected]

Radio Sunflower [email protected]

Sunrise Radio [email protected]

Super Oldie Shortwave c/o [email protected]

Supersound Radio: [email protected] (see also Radio Tina/Hitmix Radio)

Radio Superstar: [email protected]

Sweet Rock n Roll Radio: [email protected]

Swifts Radio: [email protected]

307 Radio: [email protected]

Radio 319 [email protected]

Radio 23: see Studio 23

Radio 29: [email protected]

Radio Tango Italia: [email protected]

Radio Tarzan [email protected]

Technical Man/Delta Radio: [email protected]

Radio Telefunken Int [email protected]

Radio Telstar South: no address known

Telstar Radio (NL): [email protected]

Radio Tesla [email protected]

Texas Radio Shortwave: [email protected]

Radio Thunderbird SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

Radio Tidal Wave: [email protected]

Time Radio: [email protected]

Radio Tina [email protected] (see also Supersound Radio/Hitmix Radio)

Tip & Elvis: [email protected]

Radio Tipperary: [email protected]

Radio Titanic (Capt John) PO Box 1732, 48578 Gronau, Germany [email protected]

Radio Titanic (2): [email protected]

Radio Tonair: [email protected]

Top Radio: [email protected]

Radio Tornado: [email protected]

Radio Toyota: [email protected]

Radio Torenvalk: [email protected]

Radio Tornado [email protected]

Radio Tower: PO Box 49, 7475ZG Markelo, Netherlands [email protected]

Radio Toyota [email protected]

Trance AM [email protected]

Transatlantic Broadcast: [email protected]

Radio Trans Europe: [email protected]

Radio Tropiq: [email protected]

Radio True North [email protected]

Truth Radio Int: [email protected]

Tukan Radio SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany, c/o [email protected]

Radio Twentetana: [email protected]

Twilight FM: [email protected]

25 Watt Pirate: [email protected]

U-Boat 66 Radio: [email protected]

Radio Uferlos: [email protected]

Radio Underground [email protected]

Radio UnID [email protected]

United AM [email protected]

Radio Universe: [email protected]

Unknown Radio: [email protected]

Radio Valencia [email protected]

Radio Vat 69: [email protected]

The Vault: [email protected]

Radio Vendor: [email protected]

Radio Verona: [email protected] [email protected]

Radio Viking: PO Box 71, AB7720 Dalfsen, Netherlands

Radio Vixen Int: [email protected]

Radio Vliegende Hollander: [email protected]

Voice of the Netherlands [email protected]

Voice of the World Radio: [email protected]

Radio Vonkenboer: [email protected]

Radio Voyager: [email protected]

Radio Vrolijke Mijnwerker: [email protected]

Waalstrom Radio [email protected]

Radio Waldmeister no contact address known

Radio Waves Int [email protected], BP130, 92504 Rueil Cedex, France

Radio WDR: [email protected]

WMBR: [email protected]

Weekend Music Radio: [email protected] 14 Stone Row, Coleraine, Northern Ireland BT52 1EP

Radio Weerklank: [email protected]

Radio Weg Piraat: [email protected] [email protected]

Werner's Schlagerwelt: [email protected]

Wetlands Radio International: [email protected]

Radio Whiskey Tango (WT) [email protected]

Radio The White Man: [email protected]

Radio Whitesnake [email protected]

Wild Pig Radio: [email protected]

Wild West FM: [email protected]

Radio Wilskracht: [email protected]

Radio Witte Reus: [email protected]

Radio Wizard: [email protected]

WKOS: [email protected]


Voice of the World Radio: [email protected]

World Cup Radio [email protected]

WREC (Radio Free East Coast) [email protected]

WR International [email protected] , SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

X2O: P.O.Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany

XTC: [email protected] PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, Netherlands

XXL Shortwave Radio: [email protected]

Radio Yellow Submarine: [email protected]

Radio Yogi [email protected]

Zara Radio: [email protected]

Radio Zeelandia [email protected]

Radio Zeewolf: [email protected]

Radio Zendpiraat: [email protected]

Zenith Classic Rock: [email protected] web:

Zeppelin Radio: [email protected]

Radio Zodiac [email protected]

Radio Zomerzon: [email protected]

Radio Zona Rossa: [email protected]

Radio Zwarte Arabier: [email protected]

Radio Zwarte Non: [email protected]

Radio Zwarte Panter: [email protected]

Radio Zwarte Panter (different station): [email protected]

Radio De Zwarte Ruiter [email protected]

For North American pirate addresses go to:

For Dutch & other European medium wave pirate addresses visit:

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