Shortwave pirate and other radio related links for the DXer

Free radio logs, logs, forums

Logs and recordings from Germany

Popular European pirate forum

Dutch language free radio forum

Logs and QSLs from Finnish DXer

Top European free radio DXer, passed away in 2021

Polish DXer

American radio forum, also welcomes input from European listeners

UK-based free radio forum concentrating on landbased and offshore radio

Free radio QSLs collected by Japanese DXer

Pirate radio enthusiast with links to RNI internet radio station and a pirate radio forum

Marco's blog, started 2018

Blog by American DXer and author of the Pirate Radio Annual

American free radio forum , also includes active European SW section and QSLs received

Free radio logs from Ireland

Italian DXer Claudio's blog

Logs from Swedish DXer

Blog from DXer in Lviv, Ukraine

Spanish DXer

Logs and recordings from medium wave DXer Wizard in the UK

Italian DXer Denis's blog

Logs from Sweden

Norwegian DXer's website

French DXer Iann's logs, QSLs and popular free radio chatroom

QSL collector from St Petersburg, Russia

Very active UK pirate radio forum

Finnish DXer's logs

Blog from Scottish DXer

Shortwave DXer from Belarus

UK-based forum, specialising in FM DX, but also sections for shortwave, medium wave, pirates etc

Free radio logs from the UK

Ukrainian DX Blog

Long distance radio reception from Kyiv

Other sites

Former Radio Caroline DJ's regular updates of life in Erith, Kent

Free radio news from Merseyside, UK

Many links from the jingle master Cool AM

Brazilian DXer's blog

Spanish DXer's blog

Spanish DXer's blog with some free radio stuff

Finnish DXer's blog

Logs and big QSL collection from English DXer Last updated 2009)

Information about pirate radio stations in UK

UK radio enthusiast

A blog about amateur radio and shortwave listening

This American site documents longwave, mediumwave, and shortwave stations, including broadcasters, utility/military stations, pirate radio and spy numbers stations plus active forum

Belgian DXer's site, with quite a lot of free radio stuff

French DXer's free radio QSLs

French DXer - mainly QSLs

QSLs and addresses

FM pirates in London

Brazilian DXer's site

Big collection of free radio QSLs from German DXer

Malaysian DXer with lot of European free radio QSLs, via Twente SDR

UK radio group with particular interest in free radio and offshore

Japanese DXer using Perseus receivers in Europe to QSL free radio stations

Listing of London FM pirates

Occasional radio articles from UK radio enthusiast


Lots of offshore and land-based recordings

Information about landbased and offshore pirates, Irish pirates and official stations

Free radio recordings

Memories of Ireland's 80s pirates

Historical recordings and archive interviews from the Irish pirate radio era of the 1980s

Memories from Merseyside

Internet station playing music from the offshore era

Recordings, links and information for offshore radio fans

Excellent UK pirate radio archive site with recordings, info and much more. Regularly updated.

Recordings of FM, medium wave and shortwave pirates from the 1980s

Shortwave pirate recordings

Land-based free radio nostalgia

Tribute site to Irish radio past and present

A growing collection of historic and archive shortwave radio recordings

Recordings from the popular 80s London pirate

One listener's memories of the UK shortwave free radio scene of the 1990s

General DX Resources

Italian based DX site

UK-based radio club

Italian based DX and free radio newsletter in English

Chrissy Brand (editor of the BDXC) radio blog

Lots of DX information

Hundreds of links

Information, news and logs for DXers

Loads of useful information for DXers and shortwave listeners

Observations from a DXer in London, England

Swedish DX club with fair bit of free radio news (in Swedish)

Italian shortwave DX site

Radio and equipment reviews

American radio site - news, schedules, logs etc

Bulgarian DXer's blog

Informative blog run by American DXer

Glenn Hauser's DX news

German based DX club

The World Radio & TV Handbook is the essential guide to radio broadcasting. The web page has links to updates

The World Radio & TV Handbook is the essential guide to radio broadcasting. The web page has links to updates

SDRs, radio players, schedules

Bedford-based online radio

A guide to the low power medium wave stations in the Netherlands

SW schedules

Identify those stations with this database

Remote receivers from around the world

A guide to medium wave frequencies

Station schedules and frequencies

Explore live radio by rotating the globe

Listen to live radio broadcasts from across Europea

Kiwi SDRs from around the world

Shortwave stations and frequencies guide

Extremely popular SDR tuneable from 0-30 mHz, based in The Netherlands.


Explore web SDRs from around the world

Free radio blogs (inactive)